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Okay, so you just booked your hairstylist for your big day (yayyyy!). But what's next?! Usually, it's time to start talking about and scheduling your bridal hair preview.

"When should I book my preview?"

This has to be one of THE most popular questions we as hairstylists get asked all the time! And while the answer can vary depending on your particular hairstylist's recommendations, there are some tips that can be helpful for deciding:

1. Make sure you have your inspo pics (but, not too many) -

Start finding and narrowing down the types of hairstyles you're loving, in your similar hair color. Bonus if it's from your hairstylist's portfolio. We love that :) But be careful not to go too crazy - sometimes too many different ideas can make it feel difficult to know what you're really wanting.

2. Make sure your hair is colored/cut similarly to how it will be on the day of (this includes having your extensions if you're going to use them)-

You'll get the most out of your preview if it's as close to your day-of hair as possible - this includes cut, color, and whatever type of extensions you're planning on having (if applicable). This will really ensure your style looks as close to how it will on the big day! If things change too drastically from the preview to the day-of, it can not only change how the style has to be done but also how it will look (risking you potentially not liking it in the same way!)

3. Have your hair accessories, veil, jewelry, and other additions (or at least ideas) -

Having everything else hair related, like hair accessories and veil, and even jewelry will just add to having the entire vision come to life!

Of course, these are just tips and suggestions and you can absolutely schedule your preview whenever works best for you!

As a general rule of thumb?

2-6 months out from your date is when most bridal hairstylists will suggest a preview - this will give you time to gather details but still enough time before your date to not feel overwhelming. I also additionally add in, once you found the 1-2 styles you're absolutely loving then we can get the ball rolling on scheduling the preview.

Even if previews aren't required, bridal hairstylists usually always recommend and suggest them (you'd be surprised at just how many details, and even entire styles!!, change during the preview process). Ironing everything out, and getting creative, (and of course, having fun!!) just helps your day-of feel more relaxed (well, for hair anyway!). Previews are also a great time to meet and connect with your stylist a little before the big day! I personally love previews and getting to know my brides <3

I hope these tips were helpful, see you in the next post!

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