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You're going to want to save this one, and share with your bridal party! How you prep your hair is everythinggggg when it comes to wedding day hairstyling - it literally can make or break (your hairstylists heart mostly) but your style too. So let's get right into it!

First things first, CLEAN HAIR > DIRTY HAIR

THAT'S RIGHTTTT! While I won't get into the sciencey hair things about this one lol, clean (day before or day of) shampoo, condition, and blow dry - all the way dry - is a *chef's kissssss* for your bridal hairstylist. This is like the perfect blank canvas to create.Minimizing hot tools and excessive product use is ideal too. For curly girls, be sure you prep how you usually do!

Wear a top that is loose or buttoned/zipped

When changing from your getting ready clothes to your party outfits, you want to be sure you're in something that won't disrupt your gorg hairstyle! I learned this one the hard way ;P

Arrive at least 10 mins before your scheduled time (if there's a timeline)

It's super helpful to be in the general vicinity where services are being done and ready a little before your scheduled time to keep the timeline on track (and sometimes even ahead!)

Have your inspo picture ready to go!

This one is for the girls! Since it's likely that as a bride you'd have already ahead your inspo with your stylist. Having a picture of the style that's wanted ready to go will make sure you get the most out of the appointment times!

If you're the bride, you'll also want to be sure you have your hair colored and cut about 1 month prior to your big day (closer to the 2 week mark if you're coloring, closer to the 4 week mark if you're doing blonding). This ensures fresh, healthy hair and time to make changes if need be.

Successful wedding day hairstyling is made possible by your prep - teamwork makes the dreamwork! Share these tips with everyone haha! See you in the next post :)

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