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What if I told you your hair, yes YOUR hair, CAN hold a curl!! Sans hairspray. Read on for my favorite tips on how:

It might not be what you're thinking!

Curling hair really is all about science, but good news - you don't have to know the ins and outs to make it work for you. I've learned some tricks and tips along the way so even if you're not getting your hair professionally done, you can get professional results!

Let's get into it:

Tip #1 - Check your barrel type

Shiny curling irons (metal and titanium) are best for coarser texture or super shiny, straight hair - it heats more aggressively to be able to penetrate a resistant hair. More matte curling irons (like ceramic) are best for everyone else - color treated, fine or medium texture, dehydrated, etc. It heats a bit slower which will help to not overheat. You could just be overheating or under heating your hair which will make curls fall.

Tip #2 - Check your section sizes

Whatever size curling iron you're using - such as a 1" or 1.25" - your section sizes that you're curling should be no larger than that (width and length). Heating the hair needs to be done thoroughly and evenly for it to take on its new shape and that can't happen if there's simply too much hair trying to be heated at once.

"Hair won't curl if there's simply too much hair in the section"

Tip #3 - Leave your ends out

This one is a game changer!! Leaving the ends of our your hair out and straight acts like a barrier - your curls will only "relax" to where those straight ends are (which tends to give the illusion of your curls not all falling to the bottom). Leave out a different amount of ends (1" of ends then 3" of ends, etc.) with each section for a super organic looking wave.

Tip #4 - Put downnnn the hairspray

I repeat, put down the hairspray!! It is a heavier product. If you're using it before and after curling, it's creating unnecessary weight to your hair/curls which will result in them falling even more (which causes most people to keep reaching for the hairspray - it's a vicious cycle!) Try a texture spray - it is more lightweight and has a moveable hold that will spruce up your curls without the weight or the crunch.

Tip #5 - Keep a haircare routine

Most of us are damaged and/or dehydrated to some extent- from color services, over washing, not using hydrating/conditioning products and treatments, forgetting a heat protectant before heat styling, not getting regular haircuts, water types, environment, etc. And this can effect how heat styling works. Making sure we're being intentional about adding hydration and moisture back to our hair will support healthy hair!

Try these!

With your own curls and see if it makes a difference!

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